Genetics. Reborn.

Our mission is to build a universal tool to precisely change any living system.

How do cells think?

How do they talk to each other?

How do they work together to make you?

We are answering these fundamental questions

What we are doing

Building on more than two decades of academic research, Resurgo Genetics has uncovered a hidden network within the DNA that has widely been considered 'junk'.

A network within, and connecting, every cell of every living thing. A 'pangenetic' network that explains how cells think, communicate and self organise. A network that explains how complex structures can arise from cells.

We are building computational models of this network which will predict the precise chemicals needed to change it.


Sequencing and related technologies now give us an incredibly detailed view of the molecular processes occurring in the cell, and the communication between them.

Artificial Intelligence

We use state of the art machine learning techniques to unpick this data and shed light on what is really going on.

Unique insights

Our deep understanding of this unseen network allows us to bring the latest computational and biological technologies together and unlock their true potential.

We have designed a generic system to learn from data on any living system and predict how to change it.

This universal tool will transform:



Biomanufacturing / Synthetic Biology

Why are we doing this?

Biology is our most powerful technology.

It mastered complex chemistry, autonomous flight and general intelligence - millions of years ago.

It made you.

But despite billions spent on research, the underlying processes have remained unclear.

But this is changing, fast. Accelerating advances in biological technology, computational power and vast amounts of data mean we now have the power to see, and interact with, living systems precisely. What we see is transforming our view of how life really works.

As the world faces some of its greatest challenges - feeding a growing population, slowing environmental destruction, treating diseases currently incurable - we must harness the potential of our most powerful technology.

Resurgo Genetics is working to realise biology's true potential.

Join us

We are always looking out for creative individuals to help us build a better world.

If you have a strong background in mathematics and a fascination with machine learning we want to hear from you. Email with a short paragraph on your background, technical skills, and why you want to join our mission.

Keep in touch

Our work crosses disciplines and we actively engage with the scientific community. If you would like to talk about our technology, or are interested in collaboration - email To follow our progress, sign up below. We will be in touch.